The Pokémon Company International Signs Quartet Of New Deals In Run-Up To Brand Licensing Expo

The Pokémon Company International announced today that it has signed four new deals with major licensees that will extend Pokémon’s apparel and accessories ranges across the UK and Europe. The signings include deals with DITEXMED for children’s apparel in Italy and Spain, TVM Fashion Lab Ltd for apparel in the UK and Ireland, and Roy Lowe & Sons Ltd for a range of socks. Additionally, TEKNOFUN ENTERTAINMENT will develop a range of 3D character-shaped lamps and digital alarm clocks for the French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Belgian markets.

With the respective ranges being rolled out in their regions across 2015 and 2016, the latest signings add to the growing slate of new European licensees across a variety of categories, including confectionery, stationery, posters, video game accessories, and particularly apparel. In the UK and Ireland, the brand has recently secured several new licensees, including GB eye for posters and gifts, Character World for bedding, Danilo Promotions Ltd for calendars, Aykroyds & TDP Licensing Ltd for nightwear and underwear, and SAMBRO for back to school.

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