WowWee® partners with Squeeze to bring the toy of the year to life

Fingerlings® announces new animination series: WowWee®  partners with Squeeze to bring the toy of the year to life

Squeeze is proud to announce that WowWeeR, the ingenuitive toy company behind FingerlingsR – winner of the 18th Annual Toy of the Year Award at the prestigious New York Toy Fair – has chosen the Quebec studio to bring their adorable animals to life.
According to Denis Doré, Squeeze’s president and cofounder, it was a match made in heaven: “We love bringing life to colourful creatures that spark imagination and have the potential to make an strong impression around the world. We’re extra excited to do it with talented partners who aren’t afraid to innovate. That’s exactly what’s happening with WowWee and their irresistible FingerlingsR.”
Squeeze will use its artistic talent to transform these award-winning toys into lively, animated characters. Fans will be able to follow their adventures starting in Spring 2018. The animated content will be comprised of short-form episodes written and directed by the talented Kevin Munroe, known for his work on the TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Ratchet & Clank and My Little Pony movies.
For Munroe, who recently co-wrote and directed a feature film with animation and character modeling from Squeeze, teaming with the studio again was a no-brainer: “Tasked with producing animated content for this amazing brand, I knew exactly who we needed to partner with to bring a Fingerling level of fun and excitement. From our shared production experience, Squeeze was the immediate choice for creating more great character-based content together.”
Although the FingerlingsR are already a huge worldwide success, to Richard Yanofsky, president and cofounder of WowWeeR, this partnership is just the beginning: “FingerlingsR are more than just toys to us. They’re full characters that we’d love to bring to life and share on multiple platforms. Partnering with top-notch creators like Kevin and Squeeze is the foundation of an adventure that we hope to share for many years to come.”
The first season of FingerlingsR animation will be produced by Squeeze, WowWeeR, and Munroe, with Executive Producers Russell Binder and Marc Mostman of Striker Entertainment – the global licensing agent for Fingerlings brand extension.

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