Licensing Week Virtual: annunciati i relatori del programma di Keynote

Licensing Week Virtual, l’evento virtuale organizzato da Global Licensing Group – Informa Markets e Licensing International (15-19 giugno), offrirà ai partecipanti l’opportunità di seguire una serie di keynote suddivisi in quattro categorie

I keynote saranno tenuti da professionisti di Global Icons, Kraft Heinz, Netflix e ViacomCBS Consumer Products e si svolgeranno a partire dalle 9:00 a.m. PST/17:00 p.m. BST dal lunedì al giovedì; ogni keynote è stato programmato in orari adatti sia per il pubblico europeo sia per quello americano e sarà disponibile per lo streaming on demand per altri sette giorni.

The licensing community, like many other businesses at this time, is looking for direction,” afferma Anna Knight, Vice President, Global Licensing Group, Informa Markets. “We look forward to welcoming each of our keynote speakers who will provide listeners with a unique perspective on the landscape and how they have found business success through the licensing industry.”

Di seguito i dettagli del programma.

Monday, June 15 

Kraft Heinz: Leveraging Over 100 Years of Heritage

Speaker: Christopher Urban, Vice President of Global Strategic Capabilities, The Kraft Heinz Company

Overview: With more than a century of brand equity, it’s no easy task to extend and grow a brand with such deep and rich heritage. But that is exactly what Kraft Heinz is doing – starting from the beginning, even though the beginning was long ago. Join Christopher Urban in a fireside chat as he discusses the monumental task of leveraging such nostalgic brands as Heinz Ketchup, Kraft Mac & Cheese, Philadelphia, Jell-O, Kool Aid and more strategically, keeping this particular piece of global Americana top of mind for the next 100 years.

Moderator: Amanda Cioletti, Event and Content Director, Licensing, Informa Markets

Platinum sponsor: Brainbase

Sponsor speaker: Nate Cavanaugh, Chief Executive Officer, Brainbase


Tuesday, June 16

The Future of Consumer Products and Retail: Top Industry Execs Share Where We Go From Here

Speaker: Pam Kaufman, President, ViacomCBS Consumer Products; Geoffrey Greenberg, Co-President, Just Play; Andrew Tucker, Vice President, GMM Seasonal, Toys and GM, Family Dollar; Felicia Frazer, Random House; and Zion Doran, Senior Director, Integrated Promotions and Partnerships, Kellogg’s

Overview: Hear from senior leaders in consumer products and retail on key issues including changing consumer behavior, the increase in alternative shopping methods and what this means for the future of the business. 

Platinum sponsor: ViacomCBS


Wednesday, June 17 

How to Create a Culture of Equality 

Speaker: Michelle King, Director of Inclusion, Netflix, and author of the book The Fix

Overview: The best way to set up your business for the future is to create a quality of culture – what does this look like and how can this be done? What does this mean for leaders, and how is the quality an invitation for leaders to lead? What does this look like practically? What is it they can do and why is this key to leading effectively, while showing tangible examples of how they can do this? Why it is important that we sex workplaces and not women? What are the challenges that women experience in terms of the barriers, and how are leaders are not aware of that? What are the barriers that men encounter? Why is this imperative for businesses in terms of setting the organization up for the future? This keynote will explore the future of work and the ways to demonstrate your competitive advantage and what that looks like, helping leaders find an inclusive way to frame the argument. This topic is a business imperative given some of the transformative changes that are coming from innovation and tech within the next 5- to 10-years. Join Michelle King in preparing your brand for disruptive changes that are coming.

Platinum sponsor: Jewel Branding 

Sponsor speaker: Julie Newman, Founder, Jewel Branding


Thursday, June 18 

Invisible Marketing: A Hidden Tool for Connecting with Consumers Through Licensing Partnerships

Speaker: Jeff Lotman, Chief Executive Officer, Global Icons

Overview: Jeff Lotman is founder and CEO of Global Icons, one of the world’s leading brand licensing agencies, as well as the owner of Fred Segal, a top boutique fashion retailer based in Los Angeles, Calif. Lotman’s keynote will focus on highlights from his newly published book Invisible Marketing, in which he postulates that in the brave new world of ecommerce and digital marketing, well-known brands need to focus on licensing as an essential tool for successful marketing. This is a must-attend session for all brand owners and managers needing an education on why licensing is critical for a brand’s marketing success, as well as for companies seeking licenses to sell more products and experiences.   

Platinum sponsor: OpSec Security

Sponsor speaker: Bill Patterson, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, OpSec Security

Additional content programmed includes sessions on hot topics affecting the licensing industry, courses under the Licensing University banner from Licensing International that will set your foundation for business, and a score of networking events that range from meditation to a fitness break with the NFL Players Association, live trivia and much more.

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