Zak Storm

While trying to catch the perfect wave, the impulsive surfer Zak Storm is unexpectedly transported into the Bermuda Triangle – the cosmic “junk drawer” of the universe! Very quickly Zak finds himself on an astonishing quest where he becomes the captain of the Chaos and adopts an unexpected motley crew anxious to find their way home. Zak also closely aligns with a magical sword, Calabrass. He learns to master the powers of this unpredictable talking sword which/or that gives him the means to transform and gain “super” powers. Together they all encounter and battle the many perils of the seven seas, including the firecast pirate that ever was, Skullivar. Seems imposible – but if they stand together, they can do anything!

Dati d’interesse
  • Format: 39×22′
  • Target: Boys 6 -11 years old
  • Genre: Action, Adventure & Comedy

Planeta Junior

Planeta Junior, azienda del Gruppo Planeta / De Agostini, è leader in Europa nel settore dell'intrattenimento per bambini e adolescenti Le sue attività sono incentrate sulla produzione di serie di ...
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