Licensing Italia is committed to promote licensing training activities for the Italian market through meetings, seminars, events and through dedicated areas on the portal

The goal is to promote a greater understanding of licensing in Italy through the dissemination of information about the licensing market and the organization of meeting and training opportunities with the key players of the sector.

Licensing seminars

Training is part of the mission of Licensing Italia that concerns the promotion of a more widespread knowledge of licensing.
The Licensing Seminars, organized since 2008 by Licensing Italia in cooperation with Editoriale Duesseand PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), are the first training courses in Italy entirely dedicated to investigate major issues of licensing. 
The speakers of the Licensing Seminars are prominent Italian and international figures in the field of licensing, who come from diverse professional backgrounds and bring leading examples of successful cases.
The Licensing Seminars are designed to foster a participatory climate between the public and speakers and therefore represent a useful tool to come into direct contact with some of the main professionals of the sector and find comprehensive answers to key aspects of licensing.
Over 200 participants attended the Licensing Seminars during the previous three editions and the next edition is scheduled for January 2012.

Licensing & Upgrading – Corso di Alta Formazione di

Licensing Italia is the sponsor of the Advanced Learning Course of – Consortium of Politecnico di MilanoLicensing & Upgrading.

The Advanced Learning Course Licensing & Upgrading, now at its second editionexamines the variables essential to starting and managing a licensing process in luxury field, facing the increasingly tight relationship with the activities of Brand Extension, contract until merchandisingareas and activities now interconnected with a common goal: make the business grown through many brands applications always with positive result.

The course allows, through 6 modules, to embrace the issues necessary for a good Licensing Manager through the deepening of information belonging to contexts related to planning, communication and distribution.

The Licensing Manager not only takes care of the formal design and technology of a product, but has to assumed an integral role in all phases of the cycle: production,distribution, communicationLicensing, in fact, is not just to license their own brand, but also brand extensionsmerchandising and contract as designed could also be extended to other sectors or to other markets, their brands.

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