Dynit is a full-service company specializing in Distribution, Production, Licensing, and Publishing

Founded in Bologna in 1995, Dynit quickly positioned itself as a leading company in Italy in the Collectibles for newsstands category and in the Gift production for the Promotional sector.

The company opened a new office in Milan in charge of Gifts & Premium, which has rapidly led to excellent results in terms of awareness and turnover. The new department has the mission to internally manage the increasing number of fidelity and promo operations for leading clients in Italy and abroad (among these Amadori, Casa Modena, Witor’s, Parmareggio, Walcor, Balocco, Artsana, F.lli Orsero, and more). Dynit supports the client during all phases of each promotional project: from selecting the winning gadget for the type of operation to taking care of production, logistics, and final distribution.

Dynit’s catalog includes more than 140 titles, ranging from those aimed at enthusiasts (Gundam, Evangelion, Daitarn 3, Sailor Moon), to those targeted children (Barbapapa, Hello Kitty, Thomas The Train).

Dynit also created successful original brands. This includes Splatterosi, Gom-mini, Dinosaur Park, and Nature’s. The girl-targeted My Lovely Friends (kittens, horses and bunnies with their accessories) and Gom-mini, (rainbow ponies, in the form of erasers and soft puppets with soft manes to comb, in various sizes, transparent and glittered).

Dynit is also active in the acquisition and development of licensed products. The catalog includes well-known brands such as Minions and Despicable Me, Barbapapa, Doraemon, and Mofy. For these, products such as colorful stickers, fun room decor, 3D collectibles, and erasers have been realized. The Dynit-Kids world is vast, with gadgets for all ages.



Viale della Repubblica 36, 20851

Lissone (MB) Italia



Info aziendali

Sito webwww.dynit.it
Email aziendainfo@dynit.it
IndirizzoVia Buozzi 24/26
Granarolo dell'Emilia, Località Cadriano
Telefono +39 051 6020911



Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur Park is a brand dedicated to the world of dinosaurs and aimed at a 4-9 years old male target. It includes both cartoon-style and realistic versions.The Dinosaur Park collectibles have bee ...

Gommini - I Pony dei Sogni

Gommini - I Pony dei Sogni is the license dedicated to the world of Unicorns and aimed at a 4-7 years old female target.The collectible unicorns have neen in kiosk for six years already.Gommin ...
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