Giochi Preziosi signs up as pan-European Master Toy partner for Rainbow’s Regal Academy

Leading European studio Rainbow has announced the latest licensing deal for brand new animated comedy Regal Academy, with Giochi Preziosi signing up as pan-European master toy licensee.

Giochi Preziosi is one of Europe’s leading toy manufacturers, with a strong presence across the continent. The new Regal Academy range will include fashion dolls and accessories, play sets and role play. Dolls are set to hit the market first, in the run up to Christmas 2016, which fits in with the projected launch of Regal Academy in autumn 2016. In addition in Italy Giochi Preziosi Group will represent the new property also for back to school, confectionary and footwear.

“As a long-term Rainbow partner we know Giochi Preziosi well and are confident that they will produce a range that captures the spirit of Regal Academy and delights fans of the show,” says Mr Iginio Straffi, Founder and CEO of Rainbow.

“We’re honored to be named the European toy licensee of Regal Academy,” said Mr Dario Bertè, CEO of Giochi Preziosi.  “We’re looking forward to creating some unique and innovative products that represent this unique property, Regal Academy across all the products categories of the Giochi Preziosi Group”.

The magical new show focuses on the adventures of Rose – a seemingly normal young girl who one day discovers she is actually Rose Cinderella, granddaughter of Cinderella herself. Not only that, but Rose finds herself enrolled at Regal Academy – the exclusive school for fairy tale characters! There she befriends children from the most famous fairy tale families in the land – Hawk SnowWhite, Travis Beast, Joy LeFrog, Astoria Rapunzel and LingLing Iron Fan. Together, the new students take on amazing adventures and have to outsmart witches and fly dragons high in the air to impress the teachers, who include Headmistress Cinderella, Professor SnowWhite, Magister Rapunzel, Coach Beast and Doctor LeFrog!

A broadcasting deal is already in place, with family entertainment giant Nickelodeon set to screen the show through its global network of channels. Further deals are due to be signed with broadcasters across the world, underlining Regal Academy’s huge potential as a licensed property.
Giochi Preziosi adds to a burgeoning licensing programme, with licensees across the globe signing up to represent this exciting new property.

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