Carlo Jacono

Carlo Jacono was one of the most important illustrators of the Italian market since 1950. Thanks to an unmistakable, Jacono has signed all the covers of Gailli Mondadori and Segretissimo.

It was also great illustrator of Urania, Domenica del Corriere, Sette, Grand Hotel, Confidenze, of fairy tales, covers of War, Western, Fantasy.

In over 50 years of activity has made ​​Jacono 6000 illustrations, 300 paintings, 124 art exhibitions. It was published by 60 publishers on more than 150 newspapers worldwide publishing.

He won, in the course of his career, 18 national and international awards, establishing working relationships with 20 countries ..

The archive Jacono has a unique artistic heritage thanks to the 3,600 works well (covers) and 100 oil paintings. It also has screen printing and color photographs of works no longer available (as original).

As part of this work to revive the work of Carlo Jacono, his Archives has started a licensing program. The responsibility for licensing activities has been assigned to Ernesto Carugati, a professional active in the world of international communication.



Archivio Jacono

In September 2000, after the death of Carlo Jacono, one of the most important Italian illustrator, his sons had the idea to organiza an archive to collect all the original works of Jacono and so let t...
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