Keith Haring

Keith Haring (1958-90) is one of the greatest exponents of the urban street culture of the 80s

Inspired by graffiti, Haring began drawing in the subways, speaking to a wider and heterogeneous audience. He achieved international fame during the 1980s and his fame has continued to grow to the present day. Today it is possible to appreciate Keith Haring’s works in the main museums of the world, including: the Museum of Modern Art; Whitney Museum of American Art; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Art Institute of Chicago; the Bass Museum in Miami; Center Georges Pompidou, Paris; Ludwig Museum, Cologne; Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, and many others. 

Keith Haring has developed a unique and immediately recognizable visual lexicon, whose essential concepts – birth, death, love, war – are translated into simple symbols such as hearts, waves of energy, radiant children, stylized men and many other elements which, albeit with simple features and essential colors, contain the joys and pains of an artist with a short life but who has left an unparalleled echo around him. Keith Haring™ is now an international art license that works with renowned brands across product categories including apparel, accessories, electronics, and food & beverage, has run hundreds of licensed programs as, but not limited to, Samsung, LG, CJ, Xiaomi, GS, Coach, Anta, Lee, Evisu, Bape, Boy London, Obey, Lacoste, Herschel, Thrasher, New Era, Nome, Pop-Mart, BearBrick, Samsonite and much more.  


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