Maya the Bee CGI

Maya the Bee is the most famous bee in the world!


Maya the Bee is not just an animated series, it is a brand. Several generations have grown up with it since childhood and now a new 3D production and which has received the backing of the most important television channels in Europe.

Key facts

  • Target audience: Pre-school, Kid, Familiar
  • Classic format: 104 episodes of 30 minutes, 2D animation
  • 3D Format: 78 episodes of 11 minutes in HD
  • Genre: adventures
  • Territories for licensing: Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece
  • Territories for TV: Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece
  • Available in classic version 2D
  • Licensor: Planeta Junior

She is kindly and she enthusiastically explores the world around with his buddies Willy, Flip, Max,  Kurt and many others friends.

Suitable for an audience of children 3-9 years, the series Maya the Bee 3D in the format 78×11  has been produced by Studio 100 Animation and co-produced by TF1 and ZDF and in Italy the series is in collaboration with Rai Fiction.

Studio100’s partner for Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Cyprus is the Group Planeta Junior.

Planeta Junior has signed an important deal with RAI who starts to broadcast the new series already last September 2012.

While the main characters are the same in the new series with Maya the Bee protagonist, in 3D edition Willy and Flip are stronger in all episodes.
The outdoor environments have a greater weight in the stories, because the combination of 3D animation combined with 2D backgrounds creates a natural look very realistic, thanks to the greater narrative rhythm, the series makes it even more fun and engaging.

Based on the classic character created by the german author Waldemar Bonsels in the ‘70th, the new series of Maya the Bee, despite the spectacular 3-D animation that makes the drawings even more fascinating and compelling new stories and even more adventurous, do not decline to provide themes and timeless values ​​that are important for the growth of children such as friendship, honesty, courage, and of course the love and respect for nature.

Planeta Junior is handling all licensing categories.

In Italy more than 60 contracts have been signed: back to school, decorations, home textile, stickers, publishing, puzzles, paper towels and containers for pizza, personal care, accessories for apparel, apparel for kids, cake decorations, bicycle, plush, greeting, outdoor games, prepayd cards and other relevant agreements will be communicated soon.

It is a pleasant character and very curious, inspiring good feelings and strong educational values. Be noted that the value of the character is representative of women of all ages, from child to mother.

Planeta Junior has organized major events to celebrate 30 years of Maya the Bee that were celebrated in 2006.



Planeta Junior Italia S.r.l.

Planeta Junior was born in 2002 as a joint venture between Grupo Planeta and De Agostini Group, both of Companies ranking amongst the most important players in the development and production of media ...
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