Pimpa, a red dot dog star of comics, created by the imagination of Altan in 1975, addresses the age range of early childhood, between 2 and 7 years.

Since 1975, thanks to magazines, books and television and of course for the originality and freshness of its stories, she become the belove character of Italian children, teachers and parents.

The magazine PIMPA is published monthly since 1987 and every issue sold about 35,000 copies on newsstands and 9.000 copies by subscription. The publisher is Franco Cosimo Panini Ragazzi.

In addition Franco Cosimo Panini regularly distributes on newsstands illustrated books and audio books.
Also in the publisher’s catalogue there are almost a hundred titles for libraries, from small to giant size hardcover, illustrated with traditional stories. The same happened with the multimedia CD ROM and the disks with PIMPA songs.
Book sales reach every year about 4000 copies. The stories in comics (3, 4 or 6 pages) are more than a thousand 1000. The “play and said” divided into seven pages of games and stories are more than 300.

In Italy 500 minutes of animated series were broadcasting; in 2016 130 minutes will be broadcasted on Rai YoYo.

The website (www.pimpa.it), with many games, has a high number of contacts.

PIMPA presents an high number of licensing agreement in Italy, including merchandise, stationery, back-to-school, chocolate eggs, underwear for children, textiles, children bicycles and helmets, etc.

In 2015 in Italy Pimpa celebrated its 40th anniversary.

The spread of the character abroad, currently lower than the Italian phenomenon and potential of the character and its stories, is the fundamental goal of the agency Quipos.


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