Miraculous Ladybug phenomenon keeps adding new milestones on its exciting adventures in Italy

Planeta Junior, European leader in children’s and youth entertainment, and Zag and Method Animation, part of On Kids and Family, are proud to announce that Miraculous Ladybug phenomenon keeps adding new milestones on its exciting adventures in Italy

Miraculous is one of the top 5 brands most requested on core target kids 6-9 with an intention to buy that overcome the 70%. (cit. Licensing Talks 2020). The great success of the Brand is thanks to the big visibility on Tv and on the important partners on board.

The big news from the toys side is that Playmates Toys will be the new Miraculous Master Toy.

Bandai, the third toy producer in the world, will be the official distributor in Italy.

Bandai will start the Italian distribution of the present toy collection in Spring, while the new toy line will be on shelf from Fall 20. New playset, dolls and other fantastic toys will be the real aim of the Christmas campaign.

Other historical partners like Clementoni, Lisciani and Dinobikes continue to be on board.

The softlines category includes partnerships with Sun City, Sabor, Perletti, Coriex and Joytoy.

From publishing side, Miraculous relies on numerous collaborations like Dea Planeta Libri and Panini.

Panini distributed its first fantastic sticker album from the beginning of February, while the magazine continues the regular monthly distribution.

Regarding Miraculous Consumer Products latest milestones: it will be a Miraculous Easter thanks to the partnership with Ferrero and the launch of another Easter Egg line and Paluani seasonal bakery products for 2020.

San Carlo also continues to be on board with two product launches during the year.

The third season will be on air on SUPER with a special event that will include a preview of some episodes in Spring in preparation of the broadcasting of the full series in Fall.  

The third season adds new characters that covers not only the youngest fans of the beloved TV show, but also wides the target to parents and young adults.

Out from the Tv screen it would be possible to see the adventures of Ladybug and Chat Noir in the Italian theme park Leolandia, with a new show “Miraculous, celebriamo i nostri eroi”, where the 2 heroes come alive through the costumed characters for enchanting children and their families until January 2021.

Ladybug and Chat Noir are alive thanks to the costumed character in the event organized by Warm Up.

Miraculous Ladybug is co-produced by ZAG, Method Animation, Toei Animation and SAMG. The show is about the adventures of Marinette, an apparently normal teenage girl who leads a hectic double life: when she is not dreaming of her beloved Adrian, she turns into a superheroine – Ladybug. The main values of the series include girl empowerment, a secret identity, magical transformation, love, friendship, creativity and fashion.


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