Planeta Junior and Cools Group ink a deal to launch Maya the Bee bio ice creams in Poland

Planeta Junior, a leading European family entertainment company, signed a license agreement with Cools Group and Studio 100 to launch Maya the Bee bio ice cream dots in Poland, being the first character Cools ice creams are branded with

Maya the Bee the bio ice creams are made only of natural ingredients, do not contain any colourants or preservatives and come in the following four different flavours bubble gum, cream, cotton candy and vanilla. The products will be available by the end of April 2021.

The adventures of Maya the Bee bring joy to successive generations. I myself perfectly remember the cartoons from my youth. We are very much looking forward to working with Studio 100 and Planeta Junior and I am convinced that together we will create an excellent product”, says Przemyslaw Rogowski, CEO of Cools Group.

 “We are thankful for the trust Cools Group places in us and in Maya to be the first ever license signed for their delicious Bio ice cream. We cannot wait for the first warm days and summer to be here, to bring this amazing product to kids and their families”, says Joachim Knödler, Head of Licensing Studio 100 Media.

Maya the Bee, one of the most well-known children´s properties in Europe with a multi-generational target, stands for timeless values and has accompanied children since 1970. Planeta Junior holds the licensing and broadcasting rights to the Maya the Bee brand in Iberia, Italy, Greece and licensing rights in the CEE as Studio 100 agents.

With strong values of respect for the environment, care of nature, biodiversity, freedom and friendship, Maya conveys a strong emotional connection. Brands continue to rely on her as the perfect spokesperson for bio and natural products and also for social responsibility actions such as the recent campaign with Greenpeace #SOSABEJAS, aimed at raising awareness and sensitizing children to the need to save bees.

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