Planeta Junior and Nottingham Forest, Licensing Agents for “PLAYMOBIL” and “Super4” in Italy, Spain and Portugal

Germany-based morgen studios has appointed Planeta Junior and Nottingham Forest as Licensing, Merchandising and Promotion Agents for their animated TV-Series “Super4” as well as the internationally recognized brand “PLAYMOBIL”. Nottingham Forest will be the agent in Spain and Portugal, while Planeta Junior will be in Italy.


“Super4” (52×12), produced by Method Animation and morgen studios, is an action and adventures series inspired by the world of PLAYMOBIL, in which four heroes with different personalities and origins will live great adventures.
Aimed for kids aged 5 to 9, “Super 4” is full of comedy and suspense. Ruby the Pirate, Alex the Knight, Twinkle the Fairy and Agent Gene will travel throughout an adventure planet which contains a series of island nations, each of which contains a separated and contrasting world: sci-fi setting, a magical setting, a world of pirates, medieval knights setting and a lost world full of dinosaurs.

“Super 4” is being broadcasted around the world. In Italy through Cartoonito (Free-to-air) and Boomerang (Pay TV), in Spain on Neox Kidz and TV3 (Free-to-air) and on Canal Panda (Pay TV) and in Portugal through Canal Panda.
PLAYMOBIL is the Master Toy of “Super4” and is planning the launch of the figures and playsets based on the series in September 2015. Meanwhile, Planeta Junior and Nottingham Forest are already working on the development of the licensing program in the main categories to create new products that reflect the values of “Super4”.


“PLAYMOBIL” has been a worldwide renowned toy brand for over 40 years. For the first time, “PLAYMOBIL” aims to go beyond the traditional toy in order to create a global transmedia strategy which includes audiovisual content and licensed products. In this sense, Planeta Junior and Nottingham Forest will work on developing a whole line of “Lifestyle” products that unify the concept of nostalgia with the likes nowadays.

Axel von Maydell, President of Morgen Studios: “We love to entertain children by developing high quality content with Super 4. Beside Playmobil there is no second brand in Europe, which is so much connected to the inner love to entertain children but also to provide the best help to develop a healthy understanding of society and life. We are very proud and trustful to partner-up with Planeta Junior and Nottingham Forest for the best benefit for Super4 as well as Playmobil.”
For Diego Ibañez, International Commercial Director at Planeta Junior, “working with PLAYMOBIL is do it with one of the most prestigious companies in the toy market; its proposal to establish itself, through Super 4, in a leading entertainment brand, fits perfectly with the aim of Planeta Junior on enhancing properties based on the best market contents”.
David Pérez Andrés, Director of Sales and Business Development in Nottingham Forest said: “We are very proud morgen studios have trusted us to manage “Super4” and “PLAYMOBIL” in Iberia. In Nottingham Forest we will put all our efforts for getting its licensed products match the dreams of the followers of Playmobil.”

About Planeta Junior

Planeta Junior is one of Europe’s leading entertainment companies for pre-school, children and family audiences. It focuses on producing and distributing animated series and the rights derived from these IPs. The company has offices in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Eastern Europe. As of February 2014, Planeta Junior has managed TV rights, licenses and promotions for the DreamWorks portfolio.

Planeta Junior also continues investing in its own productions, which this year feature series like: Egyxos, Heidi 3D, Mutant Busters, Sendokai Champions and Bubble Bip, among others.
More information is available at

About Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest is an agency that understands the audiovisual market from the point of view of content as a natural enhancer of brands, using transmedia entertainment as a vehicle to spread the brand’s values. Its mission is to build audiovisual brands, and help others to enter into profitable business.

For more information, please contact us:
Montserrat Bros de MCS (0034 933620840 /
Office: +34 91 446 7300

David Pérez Andrés, Director of Sales and Business Development

Laura García Ortega, Head of International Sales and Licensing

Mónica Salvador Merino, Communication and Press Relations

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