Sostenibilità nel mondo del Licensing: intervista a Maura Regan, Presidente di Licensing International

Maura Regan
Maura Regan

Sostenibilità è la parola d’ordine del momento anche nell’ambito dell’industria del licensing: ma cosa significa veramente e come applicarla nella pratica al mondo delle licenze?

di Maura Rastelli 

Licensing Italia, ufficio di rappresentanza in Italia, ha intervistato in esclusiva Maura Regan, Presidente di Licensing International, associazione internazionale che riunisce tutti i principali player dell’industria del licensing a livello globale.

L.I. Why sustainability is becoming more and more relevant also for the licensing industry?

Maura Regan: On a macro level, sustainability is critical to the long-term viability of our world. As we are all citizens of the world, we ignore these issues at our own peril.  The Licensing Industry is driven ultimately by consumers and consumers are demanding responsible manufacturing at all points through the ecosystem for consumer goods.  As a result, the Licensing Industry is responding to those demands by first being transparent about the manufacturing process and also seeking to make meaningful changes in the production of goods.    

LI. How can the licensing industry contribute towards a sustainable future?  

M.R. By continuing to foster a dialogue between brand owners, retailers and manufacturers to ensure best practices and help establish guidelines that ultimately hold companies and manufacturers  accountable for their actions.  In the UK, a group has been formed called “Products for Change” and Andrea Greene in the US has been leading the charge for years helping companies create sustainable business practices.

L.I. Why do we need to move to a circular economy business model?

M.R. Companies are realizing they have a responsibility for the products and packaging they produce and ultimately, we are all interconnected.  

L.I. What are, in your opinion, in the licensing industry the categories more committed to the sustainability?

M.R. Frankly, no single category is more committed than another.  Some categories are able to make changes much faster given the nature of that category- i.e. apparel, but all businesses recognize the urgency in adapting more sustainable business and manufacturing practices.       

L.I. How does Licensing International foster a responsible approach to sustainability?

M.R. Licensing International is working with industry leaders and change agents around the world  initiating dialogues working towards an action plan to effect meaningful change.


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