At MIPCOM 2015 the first episode of the new production “Wissper”

The German brand management and media company m4e AG and its subsidiary sales company Telescreen B.V. will be headlining their slate of programs at this year’s MIPCOM (stand R7.H3) with the first episodes of the new production “Wissper” (52 x 7’) and an episode of “Atchoo!” (52 x 11’), for which production just recently started.

“Wissper” is a CGI animated TV‐series aimed at young girls in the target group of 4 to 7‐year‐olds. Wissper is a perfectly normal little girl, but she has a very special talent: she is an ANIMAL WHISPERER ‐ the only girl in the world who can talk to animals! Thus creatures of all shapes and sizes seem to instinctively know that when they have a problem, Wissper will find the solution. This makes
Wissper’s house the first port of call for animals in distress. Consequently, Wissper the animalwhisperer is a wholly natural heroine for young viewers all around the world.
The 52 episodes of “Wissper” are created by London‐based animation studio Absolutely Cuckoo – known for the BBC‐hit‐series “Waybuloo” ‐ in coproduction with m4e AG, Telegael (Ireland), Discreet Art Productions (India), and the German BASTEI Media GmbH, a subsidiary of publisher Bastei Lübbe AG. UK’s Milkshake is already on board as commissioning broadcaster. Episodes 1‐26 will be available by end of 2015, episodes 27‐52 in spring 2016. m4e manages the worldwide distribution. The main character of “Atchoo!” (52 x 11 minutes, target group kids 6‐9 years) is Teo, an eight year old boy with a curious characteristic: whenever he feels a strong emotion, he expresses that through sneezing while… turning into an animal. The series offers loads of comedy, gags and funny dialogues, but all the fun is aiming at transmitting also an important message: that difficulties, fears and diversity are not necessarily all bad, but can engender endurance and originality. “Atchoo!” is produced by m4e AG, Studio Campedelli and Cartobaleno Animation Studios and slated for delivery in 2017.

At MIPCOM, m4e/Telescreen is located in Riviera 7, stand number R7.H3. m4e will also be presenting the international hit‐series “Mia and me” (52 x 23’), where season 3 is currently in production and a feature film being developed, the preschool hit‐series “Tip the Mouse” (52 x 7’) and some new exciting programs among others.

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