Chupa Chups Zero Sugar drinks receive superior taste award

The prestigious Korean beverage company Namyang successfully launched Chupa Chups drinks in 2017 through a license agreement with Chupa Chups

Since 2018, Namyang decided to focus on global markets through a marketing strategy combining Chupa Chups’ global brand power and its varied flavour profile which appeals to the taste of people from all over the world.

In addition, Namyang’s know how in food technology managed to innovate by combining real fruit juice and reduced sugar in the Chupa Chups sparkling drinks achieving excellence and exceptional  taste.

For the second time in a row this has been recognized by the prestigious International Taste Institute in Belgium, where 200 prominent judges from 16 European countries evaluate products on their taste profile through a blind test, and awarded the Superior Taste Award 2022 to the newly launched Chupa Chups Zero Sugar drinks for the Strawberry and Lemon&Lime flavours.



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