Italy’s Fashion Retail Sugarcoated by Perfetti Van Melle Brands

This year Perfetti Van Melle’s candy brands have taken Italian fast fashion retail by storm.

In spring Chupa Chups and Mentos collections were launched in Oviesse, soon to be followed by Alcott, Zuiki, Terrranova, AW Lab and Piazza Italia.

In addition, Perfetti also debuted in these retailers with other Italian candy classics: Big Babol and Morositas, launching t-shirts and loungewear collections with oversize logos and feelgood icons of the popular confectionery brands. New collections with other brands of the Italian candy giant are already being designed for a Spring Summer 2020 launch.

Vanessa Grande, licensing coordinator of Perfetti in the Italian market, is beaming: “For the first time so many fashion partners have launched new dedicated capsule collections with so many of our brands at the same time in Italy. It’s great to see how fashion retail rides the candy wave and how the trend keeps gaining momentum and evolving as a fashion proposal of its own kind.”

Perfetti Van Melle’s licensing business also continues to grow thanks to unique artist collaborations. The latest halo fashion partnership will see the light this fall with an amazing interpretation of the brand by Gianmario Stupello, a.k.a. WHITE*. He has revisited the simple iconic Chupa Chups shape and colours in a different dimension, combining the rich Victorian feminine style with the materials that shape our modern world. The result is a fascinating upscale fashion proposal that will be available for eclectic fans in high end boutiques and on the White official online store.

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