Berry Bees

Berry Bees is an animated series produced by Atlantyca Entertainment, SLR Productions, Telegael and Cosmos-Maya Production for Nine Network that premiered on 9Go! in Australia on 5 October 2019. The series is based on the stories written in the Italian books of the same title by Cat Le Blanc.

Bobby, Lola and Juliette, aka the Berry Bees, are three young girls who lead seemingly normal lives, at least when they are not busy saving the world on behalf of the B.I.A., a secret agency that has chosen them for all those missions where adult agents cannot intervene.

Whether it’s protecting a young princess and her family’s pearls from a fake photographer or finding out why remote-controlled trainers force the wearer to steal just about anything, the Berry Bees are always ready for action.

Bobby, tech-savvy and a bit of a nerd, Lola, a skilled contortionist and acrobat, and Juliette, a talented actress and mentalist, form the perfect trio when it comes to infiltrating the criminal’s lair, uncovering his plan and foiling him before it’s too late. All strictly incognito.

With the support of the curious gadgets that the head of the agency, Ms. Berry, provides them with in each episode, the Berry Bees always manage to prevail.


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