Berry Bees

Original Property: Atlantyca SpA

  • Target Series TV: 7-10 M+F
  • 52×12′
  • Genere: Spy Action
  • CoProduzione: Atlantyca SpA, SLR Productions (Australia), Telegael (Irlanda) e Cosmos Maya (India).
  • Broadcaster: Rai Ragazzi e Channel Nine

Rumor has it that there’s a team of young spies in town: meet Bobby, Lola and Juliette! Because who says adult spies should have all the crime fighting fun?

Ordinary kids, it seems – until the world’s top secret spy villain unleashes mayhem and the B.I.A. (Bee Intelligence Agency) calls them into action, for those special spy missions in which only kid agents can be involved.

That’s when Bobby, Lola and Juliette, codename Berry Bees, get ready to swarm. Whenever adult agents are too old to find a way, our kid spies are summoned to save the day.



Atlantyca Entertainment SpA

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