Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed!

From the pages of the famous UK magazine Beano, Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed! TV series is born, with a brand new look, the latest CGI 3D techniques and new hilarious adventures for all kids, from 6 years old up.

In England, Beano is considered a national icon chosen to develop partnerships from the likes of Stella McCartney and Apple. Due to its global appeal, the series has been acquired by key broadcasters around the world.

The 51 x 11 minute action packed adventure series is set to burst onto screens in January (premiere on 18th) on RAI Gulp with Beano’s dynamic duo bringing their high energy humour and mischievous sense of fun to the channel  audiences.

The series follows the adventures of the wild Dennis and his dog Gnasher, who first act and then reflect, which very easily puts them in trouble. Always together with the most trusted friends, Pieface, JJ and Rubi, face the overwhelming Walter every day, in the background the city of Beanotown and the everyday life of school life. Dennis is not afraid of anything and Gnasher follows him faithfully with an unconditional enthusiasm that cemented their bond and often drags them into exhilarating situations. Anyone would want to be part of this team and face big and small daily problems trusting their instincts, launching themselves in pursuit of creative solutions, challenging their limits alongside friends like that.

Beano Studios has appointed ETS Studios as Licensing Agency for the Italian territory.





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