My Melody

My Melody is a girl rabbit born on January 18, 1975 in the forest of Maryland.

My Melody is nice and generous, but also very clumsy.

Its greatest treasure is the inseparable cap, which was donated by his grandmother.
In Japan, after the launch of My Melody’s cartoon, in 2005, My Melody found an excellent rating about the licensing of promotional  and merchandising.

Among the best-selling CD, action figures, video games and live entertainment. In Italy, the television series is daily aired by mediaset  on Italia1.

My Melody has gained enormous popularity over a short time and is currently one of the first three characters from Sanrio in terms of sales.


Sanrio Gmbh

Sanrio is a Japanese company that designs, licenses and produces products focusing on the kawaii (cute) segment of Japanese popular culture. Their products include stationery, school supplies, gifts ...
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