Nip & Lena. Fin Friends

Nip & Lena. Fin Friends is the story of a surreal and funny friendship between a shy and introverted whale and a young, intrepid and impertinent seahorse

For the first time, Nip, the little seahorse, will move away from the reef life to explore new worlds, while Lena, thanks to Nip, will discover the value of friendship and fun in company.

Nip & Lena is a small coming-of-age story enriched with experiences with friends and the meeting with fantastic creatures which will bring them to and discover their own emotions.



Lynx Multimedia Factory Srl

Lynx Multimedia Factory is a production company based in Rome and Milan, specializing in animated films Since 2012 Lynx has been working on the quality of its products, collecting the different exper...
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