Founded in 1995, Rainbow is a leading TV & Movie production studio which develops and distributes Kids and family animated series and films.

Today, it is one of the most internationally renowned studios in the world. With its 450 full time creative talents, it is also the largest animation studio in Europe.

Rainbow manages its distribution arms out of its head office based in Loreto, Milan (Italy) and Singapore. In addition, it houses a group of production companies including a theatrical CG production studio based in Rome, a video game production company based in Singapore, a Toy company based in HK and most recently, also a theme-park company operating Italy largest themepark, Rainbow MagicLand.

The properties created and distributed by Rainbow are Winx Club, Mia and me, Regal Academy, Maggie&Bianca Fashion Friends, Huntik, PopPixie, Monster Allergy, Tommy & Oscar, Gladiatori di Roma.

Info aziendali

Sito webhttp://www.rbw.it
Email aziendarainbow@rbw.it
IndirizzoVia Le Brecce
Telefono +39 071 750 67500



Gladiators of Rome 3D

Rainbows latest and greatest film for family and adolescents had its big premiere at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival The full length feature was directed by Iginio Straffi and scripted by Michael J Wil ...


Huntik is an actionadventure series with an epic storyline aimed at 612 year old boys Combining culture history and modern characters in a way never before seen in kids properties Huntik offers somet ...

Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends

Maggie amp Bianca Fashion Friends is Rainbows first liveaction production An engaing and enthralling mixture of comedy and drama the show has three key themes music fashion and the power of friendsh ...

Mia and me

Mia and Me is an outstanding mix of live action and CGI animation a fantastic fairy tale turned real taking place both in the real world and the wondrous world of Centopia with elves unicorns satyrs a ...

Monster Allergy

Monster Allergy is an animated series of 52 episodes of 30 min each for a target age kids from 5 to 8 years Episodes of Monster Allergy mixes comedy horror and action because the cast of whimsical mo ...


PopPixie is a TV series full of comedy bizarre adventures and surreal antics PopPixie has a core target audience of 59 year old kids but it is pure entertainment for the whole family Packed with come ...

Regal Academy

Everyone knows fairy tales but nobody knows about their most life changing adventure of all they got old And to pass their stories onto future generations they have built a school Regal Academy Rose ...

Tommy & Oscar

Oscar a lovable and bizarre alien from Planote the Planet of Music is forced to land on Earth following a breakdown of her noteshaped spaceship Oscar befriends Tommy and together with him he takes on ...


Its no exaggeration to say that Winx Club is one of the most successful 410 year old girls properties of all time No other property in its demographic boasts such a solid command of all aspects of the ...
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