m4e’s WISSPER gets second Season

The animated preschool comedy show “Wissper” has been greenlit for a second season. UK’s Channel 5 has commissioned another 52 x 7 minutes episodes for their popular preschool block Milkshake!, bringing the show’s total episode count to 104. The show will again be produced by the German brand management and media company m4e AG and London-based animation studio Cuckoo (formerly: Absolutely Cuckoo) and is scheduled to premiere end of 2018/beginning of 2019. Season 1 debuted in the UK in October 2015 and became one the most popular preschool programs on Milkshake! since.

“Dan, his team at Cuckoo and m4e have created a beautiful show which is proving popular with our audience. ‘Wissper’ has a lot of promise and we are keen to see how we can grow and develop the property across a second series,” said Sarah Muller, Head of Children’s, Channel 5.

Aimed at preschool children, “Wissper” follows the adventures of a little girl by the same name who has a very special talent – she is able to communicate with animals, which allows her to understand their problems and help solve them. Wissper the “animal whisperer” is a beloved character for young viewers all around the world.

“Wissper” was created by London-based animation studio Cuckoo – known for the BBC-hit-series “Waybuloo” – in coproduction with m4e AG, Telegael (Ireland), Discreet Art Productions (India), and the German BASTEI Media GmbH, a subsidiary of publisher Bastei Lübbe AG. m4e manages the worldwide distribution.

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