Mcdonald’s celebrates 50 years of Mr Men and Little Miss with their latest Happy Meal® Promotion

McDonald’s, the UK’s largest provider of free books to children, has partnered with Mr Men and Little Miss to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic brand.

New research found that over three quarters (76%) of Brits* remember Mr Men books from their childhood and over half (54%) said the books helped them learn to read **, cementing them as a staple is children’s education since their launch in 1972.

The research delved into the different personalities that Brits associate with cities across the UK – including:

  • Little Miss Sunshine in Brighton
  • Mr Grumpy in Glasgow
  • Mr Busy in London
  • Little Miss Chatterbox in Liverpool

From 29th September, each Happy Meal® is available in a Mr Men and Little Miss themed box, with either a 100% sustainable plush toy or a book to choose from. The latest promotion is set to evoke feelings of nostalgia amongst parents who enjoyed a Happy Meal®. and Mr Men books themselves when they were young, and whose children are reliving the same experience today.

The Mr Men Little Miss promotion will be available from 29th September – 19th October as part of McDonald’s ongoing Book or Toy initiative, which gives families the option to choose between a book or a toy with every Happy Meal®. McDonald’s has given away 100m books to children and families in the UK & Ireland since 2013.

There are 50 plush toys and two books available in total. Both options are 100% sustainable following an announcement last year to remove all non-sustainable plastic from McDonald’s Happy Meals® in 2021.

*Aged 18-54

**Study of 2,000 UK adults by Opinium (2021)






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