WonderPals Chooses DeAPlaneta to Lead the Global Expansion of its NFT Brand

DeAPlaneta Entertainment strengthens its digital business division: DeAPlaneta Interactive, with a new alliance with WonderPals, a leading Web3 brand

DeAPlaneta Entertainment and WonderPals will co-develop content to expand WonderPals’ story-telling into a range of formats, including: books, comic books, comic strips, and collectibles designed for the Metaverse. DeAPlaneta Entertainment will also become WonderPals’ worldwide sales agent for the physical products based on its brand, with a comprehensive consumer products plan.

Mina created the WonderPals brand in October 2021. The NFT collection launched on 28 February 2022, and sold out in seconds. WonderPals sold all 10,000 NFTs in its collection at a price of 0.08 ETH per unit (which, at launch, was equivalent to about $224 per NFT).

WonderPals characters aim to bring kindness and joy to the digital and physical worlds and can be used as avatars in the Metaverse. Mina, the artist who created and founded WonderPals, has worked as a freelance artist and senior product designer for over 10 years. She has designed digital experiences and branding for tech companies and has worked with names including Target and Tiffany & Co. WonderPals was inspired by a desire to share her art and bring more positivity to Web3. Mina wanted to create adorable, inclusive characters that anyone could identify with, irrespective of their age, gender or nationality.

“As a growing brand, the opportunity of working with a respected company like DeAPlaneta is something we have always dreamed of. We believe this partnership will elevate us to a new level. DeAPlaneta is a key partner for building and expanding the world of WonderPals and we’re so excited by the prospect of sharing more stories and adventures!”, Mina declared.

WonderPals already has a collection of interactive emojis and its own online store, in addition to several agreements to expand into the food, apparel and stationery sectors.

Anna Campistol, Head of DeAPlaneta Interactive, notes: “We are really excited to bring our brand development experience to such a promising project as WonderPals. Its NFT successes, creativity and passionate team, confirm this is an IP with great global expansion potential.”

Following DeAPlaneta Entertainment’s alliance with the NFT MetaGuardians collection, DeAPlaneta Interactive continues its commitment to the relationship between the entertainment sector and new technologies (especially Web3).

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