Animation Italia: Italian creativity and International outlook

The birth of Animation Italia. The new National Association that brings together and represents the independent companies operating in animation audiovisual and multimedia production and those of its supply chain. This sector with its creative and productive excellence for many years has tried to develop the conditions to improve the standard of animation entrepreneurship and to compete on equal terms in international markets. According to the shareholders of Animation Italia, chaired by Giorgio Scorza (vice president Riccardo Trigona) the time has come. Animation Italia was created to help promote and strengthen the Italian system of audiovisual animation production and it warmly welcomes the recent Government bill concerning audiovisual cinema that fosters the requests of the independent producers: the consolidation of the entire audiovisual sector, incentive policies for international co-productions, clear rules for all, optimization in rights management and international distribution, up to date training, the definition of an effective competitive market and meritocracy.
In the scenario in which international and European cinema and audiovisual animation is constantly and rapidly growing – thanks to targeted and far-reaching public and private projects -, Animation Italia aims to be the hub for the development of a new membership-business system with the goal of building a new economical and creative perspective in cooperation with all players.
This bill represents a great opportunity and therefore an ongoing dialogue between the parties for the creation of a common platform is needed. For this reason Animation Italia arranged an agenda for the activities involving political and cultural institutions and signed an agreement with Asseprim – Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia: starting today Animation Italia and Asseprim will work together to develop the Italian system for audiovisual and multimedia animation products.
The collaboration between the two companies is embodied in the signing of a biennial convention (2016/2017) with the main purpose of strengthening national and international promotion and the protection of the interests of the industry and the companies.

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