Being different makes all the difference for ZAFARI now a hit on Rai Yoyo: many new licensees for MDL-led campaign after only six months on air

On air in Italy since June 2019 on Rai Yoyo, the delightful preschool animation ZAFARI can already boast a strong licensee list

ZAFARI, an Ink Group property, is the beautiful new animated series in CGI produced by ZAFARI Holdings and distributed worldwide by NBC Universal/Dreamworks. Made up of 52 11-minute episodes, ZAFARI is aimed at children aged from 4 to 9 and their families.

MDL has already signed agreements for ZAFARI with:

Salani: as master editor for Italy of ZAFARI’s books, Salani will develop a line including colouring and activity books, puzzle books and novelty books.

Ravensburger: for a range of high-quality puzzles and memory games.

Publievent: will be producer and manager of costume characters based on the stars of the series, for special events and meet-and-greets.

Pon Pon Edizioni: starting from spring 2020, the Official ZAFARI magazine will be available every two months in kiosks, with gift attachments and a variety of editorial formats.

Multiprint: has chosen ZAFARI for its wide-ranging assortment of stamp sets and markers.

Edizioni Play Press: will offer a selection of products for kiosks including Magic Albums, puzzle books, activity books and colouring albums.

Dolfin: will be offering a range of ZAFARI chocolate and confectionery items including special Christmas chocolates and Easter eggs.

Clementoni: will launch a range of educational toys for children inspired by ZAFARI, its look and its themes.

Modecor: will bring to market a wonderful line of ZAFARI cake decorations.

ZAFARI is an innovative and original new series that follows the adventures of Zoomba, a baby elephant born with zebra stripes who worries about being different until he and his best friend, a Borneo tarsier monkey named Quincy, discover ZAFARI, a world in a valley at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

There they meet Antonio, a lion with pink flamingo feathers, Pokey, a giraffe with a peacock tail, Babatua, a baboon with penguin colours, and many more. Together with his new friends, Zoomba learns to embrace differences in others and himself, realizing that sometimes being different makes all the difference.

ZAFARI takes up themes such as inclusion, tolerance and friendship through funny and exciting stories, creative characters and high-quality production values that bring beautiful locations and animals to life in stunning computer graphics.

In addition, a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has allowed the creation of 52 special mini videos, one of which will appear at the end of each episode. The videos will show real images of animals in their natural habitat, adding a touch of real-life magic to each delightful animated tale.


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