BROOKLYN® – a nostalgic Italian brand crosses a new bridge

After spanning centuries, global candy group Perfetti van Melle now extends its mythical BROOKLYN® brand to select licensing opportunities.

BROOKLYN® was the first chewing gum to be made in Italy, now more than sixty years ago. It was launched with the iconic brand identity of the popular Brooklyn bridge that appealed to the American way of life. Its memorable advertising campaigns soon became part of the Italian collective memory. The heritage aura of this authentic brand is perfect for exclusive collaborations with leading Italian brands of accessories or personal care products that are looking to create original products with a vintage twist.  

PREMIUM S.r.l., with an experience of over forty years of licensing iconographic and historical properties, has been appointed to mark BROOKLYN®’s licensing route in Italy.

“I have been immediately excited about the opportunity to work with this brand” says Maria Grazia Bussandri, managing director of Premium“, it is a historical brand which has accompanied entire generations of Italians in their growth gaining a formidable evocative power, we are sure that BROOKLYN® will have a great success and will be welcomed with great affection by the public”. With an adult target from 25 to 55 years, the “Gomma del Ponte” “Gustolungo” BROOKLYN® is one of the most recognizable and important iconographic brands of Italian culture.

“At Perfetti van Melle, we are very excited to open up new business channels with our mythical BROOKLYN® brand for lifestyle opportunities. The brand lends itself perfectly to create authentic vintage inspired collections and Premium has a perfect understanding of the core of the brand to identify the partners that are able to create a unique consumer experience for the Italian public with this nostalgic brand.”, says Christine Cool, Area Licensing Manager of Perfetti van Melle Group.

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