LACOSTE x SMILEY® , Love Court, Love Smile

The French active premium fashion brand LACOSTE and the fashion brand SMILEY® have announced their first collaborative collection.

Connecting back to their French active and fashion heritage, the two brands bring forth a new trend of French active wear.

LACOSTE, known for its association with tennis and its derived lifestyle, incorporates the fearless spirit of the court into clothing design. On the other hand, Smiley® is the brand of optimists and is recognised for its ability to gather a community of people with a positive mind. The collaboration, LACOSTE X SMILEY®, fuses sport and style, tennis and smiles – presenting a distinctively bold and joyfully collection. It transforms French sporty fashion into a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle: love court, love smile.

Tennis is a lifestyle, not just a sport. A smile is more than just an expression; it’s an attitude towards life.

The LACOSTE X SMILEY® collaboration blends the iconic elements of both brands. It creatively deconstructs tennis apparel with a playful touch, introducing a new logo where the SMILEY’s signature trademark transforming into a tennis ball, spreading laughter on the court. The LACOSTE crocodile holds a SMILEY® tennis ball, signaling the start of a new game of smiles. The round Smiley® replaces the ‘O’ in LACOSTE, injecting playfulness into tennis.

Tennis is considered to be the in-trend fashion style among the Chinese younger generation, to mix tennis elements in urban look. The collection, anchored to active fashion, combines the iconic Smiley ® brand with Lacoste’s timeless pieces encompasses a variety of items such as tennis skirt, polo shirt, shorts, cap etc. to create the tennis core, court style. Fresh collaboration logos are incorporated into those comfortable and casual hoodies and t-shirts.

The iconic Smiley® has been embroidered onto the chest is simple yet stylish, while the crocodile pattern reflects the tennis DNA of the brand. Apart from daily items like hoodies and t-shirts, the collection also includes a creative collection of asymmetrical designed plaid shirts, duckbill caps adorned with the new logo, and jackets with stitched details. These items not only fit into daily wear but also inspire and encourage testing the boundaries of fashionable active wear.

Going beyond the sporty style and leisure, the collaborative collection echoes its theme “Love court, love smile”. Whether on the sports field or city streets, on-court or off-court, the collection always conveys a vibrant youthful attitude, adding a playful twist to active wear fashion.

The LACOSTE X SMILEY collaboration series will be officially launch in September 2023, available at China LACOSTE offline stores, the official WeChat mini-program store, Tmall official flagship store and the official LACOSTE Douyin official flagship store.

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