Chefclub and DoohYouLike team up to create the culinary advertising agency in France

Chefclub and DoohYouLike have teamed up to offer consumers  an  engaging omnichannel experience, mixing videos of creative, fun recipes with synchronized multi-broadcasting on social media as well as on screens directly in store. Together they announce the creation of “the Culinary Advertising Agency” in France

This Culinary Advertising Agency combines the world leader in culinary videos, Chefclub, and     the media present in more than 550 grocery stores in France, DoohYouLike. The new culinary advertising service offers food & beverage brands an innovative, turnkey solution that includes the creation, production and broadcast of cooking videos by Chefclub on social media featuring the advertiser’s product, as well as simultaneous broadcast in small-size grocery stores via DoohYouLike screens.

Chefclub is the world’s leading producer of cooking videos broadcasted on social media with  over one billion views and 80 million followers worldwide. In France, Chefclub has a community of 8.6 million people and generates more than 200 million views per month. DoohYouLike offers a network of more than 550 DOOH screens displayed in more than 350 small size grocery stores located mostly in city centers in France.

Chefclub and DoohYouLike join their forces to offer innovative content creation and new distribution hubs to food & beverage brands, bringing their products as close as possible to the end customer.

The natural online and offline media solution for food & beverage brands.

This new offering comes at the right time to provide advertisers an authentic voice during the customer’s shopping journey, in line with consumers’ new lifestyles.

Thanks to the natural synergy between the world of grocery stores and the entertaining cooking videos of Chefclub, this new offer will bring unequalled visibility to advertisers specially designed for brands whose products are naturally integrated into cooking or cocktail recipes. All the ingredients are brought together to guarantee power and relevance: first class videos, products, simultaneous multicasting on all major social media as well as a presence in local stores.

Quote from Marie-Laure Marchand, Director of Licensing and  Business  Development,  Chefclub: “Conviviality, fun, and creativity are at the origin of Chefclub, it seemed natural for us to join forces with DoohYouLike to create an original and ad-hoc media proposal for brands looking for closeness  and  authenticity. We  are excited about this partnership that will allow advertisers to explore new ways to reach    out to consumers directly in-store and on social media.”

Quote from Fabrice Guez, Co-founder, DoohYouLike: “We are very proud of this alliance because our respective media shares common values, to bring useful and entertaining content to everyday life, always in a complicit and authentic approach to cultivate a  close relationship.

The recipe video format takes on its full meaning in the world of grocery stores, allowing food brands to become part of consumersí daily lives in a native and entertaining way.

The synergy of our universes provides an all-inclusive strategic lever, designed for both the branding and the performance of food brands, because in addition to the highly qualitative and viral dimension provided by the Chefclub expertise, the DoohYouLike solution allows brands to maximize sales and optimize in-store referencing.

We  are very excited to support the new habits of the French people, for whom cooking has become  second nature.”


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