CrossFit Inc. has appointed IMG as its exclusive global licensing representative

IMG, which also represents CrossFit, Inc. across content, media and live events, will now expand the company’s worldwide presence further through new licensed product categories under the CrossFit® brand.

This will include management of CrossFit, Inc.’s existing licensing portfolio, including its exclusive apparel and footwear rights partnership with Reebok.

CrossFit, Inc. is the largest gym organization globally, with over 14,000 affiliates worldwide. It is estimated that over four million athletes regularly participate in CrossFit® workouts, while this year, nearly 400,000 athletes from over 175 countries participated in the CrossFit Games Open, making it the single largest participatory sporting event in the world.

CrossFit, Inc.’s well-known lifestyle prescriptions, passionate community, and no-nonsense reputation combine to make it the global leader in health and fitness.

Bruce Edwards, COO of CrossFit, Inc., said: “CrossFit is a unique and rapidly growing global community of individuals pursuing health, fitness, and personal improvement. We are excited to partner with IMG to help us bring value to our trainers, affiliates, and athletes.” 

Bruno Maglione, President of IMG Licensing said: “CrossFit is a unique, best-in-class brand that has built a powerful and committed global community that is constantly growing and motivates healthy lifestyles all over the world. As such it is more than fitness; it resonates as a lifestyle brand for wellness and being your best self, opening the door to many product universes where the CrossFit brand principles can inspire and be applied.”



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