Don’t miss LIMA in Berlin May 11-12 for Mind Mix

Don’t miss LIMA in Berlin May 11-12 for Mind Mix – a one-of-a-kind event for sharing ideas, discussing licensing issues and finding insightful solutions, with colleagues from across industry segments!

Mind Mix Is….

• A two-day, non-selling exchange of ideas between global licensing professionals
• A chance to discuss business ideas, challenges and trends
• Moderated roundtables of 25 people
• Parallel topic streams in a revolving pattern, allowing attendees to choose the topics and times they wish
• Designed to keep you in the loop within the industry
• An opportunity to learn, teach, listen, and participate
• Global networking, global connections… and a bit of fun!

Join featured moderators for two days of discussion, including:
• Maca Rotter, Director General, Televisa Consumer Products
• Christian Fortmann, Trademark and Design Attorney, 24ip Law Group
• Teri Niadna, Managing Director, Brandgenuity UK
• John Burns, Solicitor, Gateley
• Naz Cuevas, former EVP, Consumer Products, Rovio Entertainment
• Marilu Corpus, Owner, CLICK! Licensing Asia

No sales pitches! This international event is designed as a high-level idea exchange among licensing, manufacturing, retail and marketing professionals. Attend your choice of moderated roundtables on digital, legal, brand management, retail, international licensing, and sourcing and manufacturing, including such topics as:

• Licensing in Latin America
• Getting Your Brand App Ready
• Go For Gold: Sports Licensing
• Working with International Retail
View the full agenda and list of moderators on the Mind Mix website.

Mind Mix also offers four different networking opportunities to get to know your colleagues and have some fun!  We’ll also have a highly instructive Retail Tour of Berlin.

Licensing Italia had an interview with Charles Riotto, President LIMA :

L.I. What is the main goal of the Mind Mix?

C.R. Mind Mix is meant to be just that – a synthesis of professionals from different areas of the industry coming together with their experiences and viewpoints and thirst for knowledge.  People often have a particular question they want to address or an issue they want to get their colleagues’ opinions on, but there is no dedicated forum in which this can happen.  Mind Mix is that forum.  It’s an opportunity for professionals not only from licensing but from the broader business community to get together and discuss topics of relevance that impact their businesses.

L.I. Is the Mind Mix similar to the NYC Licensing Summit held at the beginning of March?

C.R. The NYC Licensing Summit was an excellent educational event with topics lead by industry executives delivering licensing insight and information.  Mind Mix, by comparison, will consist of discussion groups moderated by industry executives.  Its design is more interactive in nature, where the insight and information unfolds through the course of dialogue.

L.I. Do you believe that this kind of events can support the growth of the licensing industry?

C.R. Mind Mix is a once-a-year chance for anyone in any part of the world to join the conversation and lend their unique perspective.  Any event where licensing professionals are able to get together, learn and network – truly, a meeting of the minds – is an opportunity for our industry to grow.

Visit the LIMA website for more information and to register online – to foster discussion, only a limited number of registrations will be accepted!

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