“Frisk Fresh Touch” surfs on a wave of success in the Japanese market

“FRISK”, a brand of confectionery powerhouse Perfetti Van Melle, enjoys a huge popularity in Japan as a refreshing tablet with a cool logo design.

The brand has been successfully licensed to Doshisha Co., Ltd., based in Osaka, which develops and sells daily life-related products and launched the world’s first cool body lotion using the “FRISK” logo and other cooling goods such as a shirt spray which was a smash hit at retail last year.

The fresh range of cosmetics and goods series marks its 6th year this year, and will now be on sale with a new original label: FRISK FRESH TOUCH.

There are 11 types of products including the world’s first cool body lotion, shirt sprays that have joined the series since last year, popular cooling sprays and body sheets, and mask sprays that were just launched the other day. It is a fresh product to boost your mood with that exhilarating feeling and the refreshing scent inspired by FRISK. The package is designed with the logo as the main axis and is unified with its sleek image based on black. The perfect choice to create a cool atmosphere in your room or wash basin.

Christine Cool, Area Licensing Manager Perfetti Van Melle says: “It is a joy to work with a partner like Doshisha, that has a deep understanding of our Frisk brand and of the habits and new personal care needs of young Japanese consumers.”


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