Licensing Link Europe signs Half Moon Bay for IFL Science gifting license

IFL Science books,ceramics, journals, glassware, bags and more to launch in 2020

Brand extension and strategy agency Licensing Link Europe, which manages licensing in the UK and Ireland for IFL Science (‘I f****** love science’), the world’s leading digital science channel, has announced a major UK books and gifting agreement for the property with leading licensed giftware company Half Moon Bay together with its subsidiary publishing house Ice House Books.

Among the products that this agreement will bring to market, Half Moon Bay will be launching a series of IFL science-branded gift books for spring/summer and autumn/winter 2020. The books, like the website, will be light-hearted but underpinned by scientific fact.

The company also plans a gifting range that will include ceramics, kitchenware, glassware and bags, all reflecting specific themes including Chemistry, Space and Save the Planet. Products under development include clipboards, pencils, aprons, oven gloves, water bottles, travel mugs, ceramic mugs, LED lamps and drinking glasses. The range will launch in autumn/winter 2020.

All products will include the distinctive IFL Science logo and colourful illustrations as well as the witty and clever messages that IFL Science has made very much its own.

Key outlets for the ranges will include independent gifting outlets, high street chains such as the MenKind gadget and gifting stores, and online retail including, of course, the IFL Science store.

This is a global license, with a strong focus on the key IFL Science markets of the UK and the US. The core market for both items is teens and young adults, with a wide secondary market of science fans of all ages.

IFL Science began life as a Facebook blog, started by founder Elise Andrew in March 2012 to share her passion for science and making science accessible to everyone. IFL Science is today the number one science platform,with a mix of science and irreverence that has gained it a global reach across its different channels of more than 120 million people.

It has an especially large following among young adults: 66% of its Facebook followers are in the 18-34 age group. Its strongest markets include the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and the Philippines.

This popularity is now being translated into a licensing programme that will leverage the science and humour of the site in apparel, books, bags and houseware that highlight the site’s focus on space, the environment, and plants and animals through witty messages and illustrations.

Gemma Swift, Design Manager, Half Moon Bay, says: “IFL Science themes and ideas translate perfectly to giftware and gift books. We’re delighted to be working with this funny, clever and original property.”

Michele Kuprewicz, Head of Retail & Licensing, IFL Science says: “We wanted to find a gifting partner that could bring our focus on ideas and facts delivered in a light-hearted and memorable way to high-quality, appealing gifts. Half Moon Bay offers all of this and more. We’re looking forward to a very successful partnership.”

Chris Taday, Director of Licensing Link Europe, adds: “The combination of the irreverence, wit and factual basis of IFL Sciencewith the gifting skill and quality of Half Moon Bay is a wonderful match. I’m sure the products resulting from this partnership will be enormously popular at retail.”

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