LIMA Global Licensing Industry Survey 2017: interview to Maura Regan, EVP LIMA

Licensing Italia, LIMA Representative in Italy, has interviewed Maura Regan, Executive Vice President LIMA, on LIMA Global Licensing Industry Survey 2017.

L.I. What is the LIMA Global Licensing Industry Survey and what’s the methodology behind it? 

M.R.: The LIMA Global Licensing Industry Survey is an in depth bottom-up analysis that sizes the global licensing market by property type and product category.  In April 2016 Brandar Consulting fielded a market research survey in six languages which drew responses from 331 firms: 147 licensors, 102 licensees and 82 agents/consultants. The survey responses were supplemented by multiple in language phone interviews which resulted in reported revenues covering 36 countries; all 7 geographic regions.  In all, the global sizing analysis includes specific data from 497 countries.

L.I. What’s the main goal of the Survey?

M.R. The primary goal of the survey is to value the global licensing market by property type and product category.  This data is used by member organizations to drive strategic business planning.

L.I. How many countries are included in the Survey?

M.R.: 36 countries are covered in the Survey.  The top 25 countires are highlighted with particular emphasis as they account for 92.6% of the overall  retail sales of licensed products globally.

L.I: What are the main trends in the licensing industry that have come to light in the last editions of the Survey?

M.R.: Character and Entertainment licensing continues to take the lions-share of retails sales of licensed prodct  accounting for 44.8% , a slight increase year over year increase- and no sense that this will plateau any time soon. The main up and coming trend however is Digital. Digital is shaping/changing the way content is consumed globally.  Products purchased and distributed via downloads continues to become a much more significant share of the overall licensed product market. Specifically: video games/software/apps, publishing and music/video categories taken together account for 13% of global licensing revenue and is growing. Lastly,  directionally, markets ex US/Canada offer the most potential long-term, specifically China and India as the middle class in those markets grows and infrastructures continue to develop.

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