LIMA Global Licensing Industry Survey: Corporate Trademark Sector Hit $54.1B

The Corporate Trademark/Brand sector was the second largest portion of the worldwide licensing business in 2014, generating 22.4% of the global retail sales, which are pegged at US$241.5B.

The Corporate Brand sector generated US$2.71B in global royalties for the corporate trademark and brand owners, or 20.2% of the global US$13.42B in overall royalties for the licensing business as a whole. (The percentage of royalties ascribed to this sector is lower than the percentage of sales, since corporate brands regularly draw lower royalty rates than do major entertainment properties, which comprise the largest sector of the global licensing business.)

Food/Beverage accounted for the biggest portion of global retail sales of corporate brand-licensed products, with 15.5% of the total, or US$8.4B. Among categories broken out individually in the study, that’s followed by Apparel (14.1%, or US$7.6B); Consumer Electronics (11.1%, or US$6.0B); and Fashion Accessories (9.2%, or US$5.0B).

North America (defined in this report as U.S./Canada) is by far the largest in terms of sales of licensed goods based on corporate trademarks/brands, with just under 72% of global retail sales, or US$38.9B.

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