Masha and the Bear inspires outdoor fun and style for Italian market

Maurizio Distefano Licensing has announced the award of two new licences in the Italian market for the runaway family animation hit Masha and the Bear. Offering sporty and stylish outdoor products for preschool Masha fans are Perletti, a leader in the European umbrella market, and Denver Bike Srl, a major name in the bike industry for the last 20 years.

Perletti, which designs and manufactures umbrellas, selling more than six million in Europe every year, has produced a range of Masha and the Bear umbrellas and rain accessories, including rain boots and ponchos. All the products feature delightful images of both Masha, a happy, cheeky, energetic and very high spirited little girl, and her friend, a big and kindly Bear. The range will be available in specialist and high street stores across Italy as well as online from June 2015.

Denver Bike Srl, which manufacturers and sells about 650,000 bikes per year across a range of models, will offer colourful children’s bicycles at a number of wheel sizes from 10-inch up. All will be illustrated with images of the stars of the popular hit show. The range for the very young will also include training wheels, mudguards, horn and handlebar pad and a pretty Masha and the Bear basket. The bikes will be on sale in specialist outlets, children’s stores and online from May 2015.

The Masha and the Bear family show was launched in its home market of Russia in 2009. It has since become a huge hit around the world thanks to its winning combination of music, songs, engaging storylines and inventive animation.  Visual storytelling is emphasized over dialogue, making it easy for young children to enjoy and giving it a universal appeal. Today the 3D CGI animated adventures of the little girl and her big Bear friend are being broadcast in over 100 countries around the world.

The animated series is now airing on DeA Junior and RaiYoYo where the entire first two 26-episodes seasons will have been aired by the end of this year. Ratings have been impressive and helped to inspire a strong licensing campaign managed in Italy by Maurizio Distefano Licensing. In fact, within only its first eight months, Masha and the Bear become one of the top licensed properties on the Italian market. Animaccord launched a website and a Facebook page in Italian to support the development.

Giuseppe Beraudo, Denver Bike Srl, says: “As a company with strong reputation in licensed products, we’re delighted to be working with one of the most entertaining and appealing children’s brands of recent years. The lively, energetic and fun-loving Masha and her friend are perfect for a range of colourful children’s bikes.”

Matteo Manenti, Perletti, says: “Masha and the Bear is a funny, charming and beautifully designed property that has enormous appeal to audiences worldwide. We’re thrilled to be awarded this licence and certain that Masha umbrellas will be a big hit with children and parents across Italy.”

Maurizio Distefano, Founder and Director of MD Licensing, adds: “Yet again this fast-moving property has attracted two high quality licensees. Denver, which has a proven track record in the production of high-quality licensed bicycles, has brought out a delightful range, while Perletti’s wonderful umbrellas perfectly capture the spirit of this funny and charming brand.”

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