Maurizio Distefano the evolution of Licensing and Biplano Licensing join forces to form BMD Licensing Partners

Maurizio Distefano the evolution of Licensing (MDL) and Biplano Licensing, two of the most important licensing companies in Europe, have announced the creation of a strategic alliance.

Called BMD Licensing Partners, this joint initiative will bring together the experience and skills of two major players in the European market, with a physical presence in multiple territories across the region: MDL is headquartered in Italy, and Biplano is headquartered in Spain, with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and Paris. The result will be a single point of reference through which licensors all over Europe will be able to maximize business opportunities for their properties.

Each company will continue to manage its own established portfolio, but will actively cooperate in building those properties that are jointly managed within Continental Europe through the newly formed company. Bringing such brands under one umbrella will result in a more effective coverage of the European market, benefiting both BMD and its client base.

Licensors will now be able to take advantage of a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all licensing-related activities across Continental Europe, from brand development, TV placement, retail management, marketing support and promotional activities to production and premium supply, master toy management and events.

European licensing is a competitive and changing market. This alliance of two companies that are highly regarded in their field will bring a wide range of experience and expertise in the European market together in one place, offering a fresh — and profitable — approach for licensors, licensees and retailers.

Maurizio Distefano, President and Founder of MDL, says: “Licensing is an increasingly global business and this collaboration with our Biplano colleagues is not just the perfect combination between two of the most important independent licensing agencies in Europe but a natural evolution in my agency’s development. We know each other very well, we trust each other and we have similar business approaches. We look forward to working side by side to ensure our customers have a more extensive and effective reach across Europe, offering licensors greater operational and organizational efficiency to ensure the best possible returns.”

Jordi Rey, CEO and founder of Biplano, says: “Maurizio and ourselves are heading in the same direction towards the same objective, and we respect and trust each other. That’s why joining forces is the most natural evolution for the two companies. It is time to face new challenges — and we believe this is the best way to offer the licensing services that licensors, licensees and retailers expect from us.”

Guillem Rey, Managing Director at Biplano, adds: “The licensing business is evolving and at Biplano we have always tried to keep ahead of change — so we believe that joining forces with Maurizio is the next stage in our aim to offer a strong local presence in a global market.”

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