The brands offer a major opportunity to take fun and taste both to lifestyle oriented products as to food and beverage novelties.
Indeed, the great-tasting flavours and colourful image of these popular brands can truly give a new edge to make food and beverage products stand out on the crowded retail shelves. Beanstalk is in charge of managing these extensions with leading companies who can build strategic partnerships to take Mentos®, Chupa Chups® and Airheads® into selected food categories.

Chupa Chups® has already teamed up for an exciting launch of an ice-cream novelty with a huge ice cream giant in the European market, who has been seduced by its flavour authenticity and has captured it in a new delicious ice cream which will be launched next summer 2016.

At BLE, Chupa Chups® and Mentos® have released the preview of their new artworks that will be launched in 2016. To set the mood in fashion projects, they are producing trendy inspirational boards and product inspirations done in collaboration with specialized fashion designers. They transmit an edgy vibe that will allow apparel licensees to develop eye catching collections at retail. The Mentos® designs are a true reflection of its fresh essence, with soft pop and retro artworks in fresh blue tones and delicate pastel shades.

Ementicons, Surfing All Beaches and Get Artsy are some of the chapters that Mentos® has developed in line with the hottest trends of the moment. With Chupa Chups®, the fashion outlook promises to be sweet in 2016 with style chapters such as Ethnic chic, Fluor fruit, Crazy funk or Black&White goes colour to name a few.

“We are also excited at the prospect of working together with our partners on the scent strategy that we have developed around our most popular candy flavours to create new fragrance products with which we are untapping an enormous business potential.“  says Christine Cool, Area Licensing manager of Perfetti Van Melle.

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