Mentos® on wheels!

The Perfetti van Melle group, through its French Licensing agency Stories, has partnered with the French car manufacturer Citroën on the occasion of a special edition launch of 1200 C1 MENTOS® cars. The car is also available with a convertible version.
The Citroën C1 Mentos® is a refreshing new series available in France as of last June 2016.
The C1 Mentos® car is distinguished by a roof sticker and red sunrise mirrors, a Grey Porcelain Interior Color Pack and floor mats. The equipment also adds the tachometer, heated door mirrors, a 4 HP audio system with steering wheel controls and Bluetooth.
Mentos® brings fun and freshness to this collaboration by offering a welcome Mentos® pack and a fresh touch in the Citroën dealers in France. Consumers will be delighted with surprising goodies and products to enjoy a true Mentos® experience inside the car!
The C1 Mentos® launch is supported by an advertising campaign developed for the occasion which involves digital, print, social media and in-store promotion. The campaign is all about the FRESH and FUN character of the Mentos® brand.

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