Mondo TV reaches the first two license agreements for Robot Trains

Mondo TV, one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated programs, announces the finalization of two agreements for the granting of certain licensing rights related to the property Robot Trains to the companies Preziosi Food srl and Grani & Partners S.p.A., the latter part of Preziosi group.

The agreement with Preziosi Food provides for the granting of the license in relation to various products from food category, both sweet (such as Easter eggs, eggs with surprise, spreadable cream) and salty snacks for a period of two years starting from 1 January 2018 in Italy, San Marino, Vatican and Ticino.

The agreement with Grani & Partners instead provides for the granting of the license for the distribution on Kiosks of collectible products for the same period of two years starting from January 1, 2018 also in Italy, San Marino, Vatican and Ticino.


The story is set in the “Train World” where all citizens are trains, however among the residents there are special trains that can transform into robots, the ROBOT TRAINS! The animation series deals with the growth of the five train heroes – Kay, Alf, Duck, Selly and Victor – from exciting adventures. Kay, the fastest train in the world, has lost his memory and skills in an accident. To restore his memory and skills, Kay goes off to a journey with his friends, where they encounter many challenging missions. 

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