Mondo TV to highlight new shows and strengthen partnerships at DISCOP

Four major series in the spotlight at big content event for Africa in Johannesburg

Mondo TV, one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content, is highlighting some major series at this year’s DISCOP in Johannesburg, the content, adaptation rights and project market with a special focus on Anglophone, Lusophone and Swahili-speaking Africa, taking place from 14-16 November.

Mondo TV has two main aims for the DISCOP event in South Africa, where it will be on stand number 101. Firstly, it intends to renew its solid long-term relationships with several broadcasters in the region, established for over nine years. More specifically, however, Mondo TV’s aim is to secure exposure for four series new to Africa: Invention Story, Sissi the Young Empress, Heidi Bienvenida and Robot Trains.

Invention Story is the tale of Kit, an intelligent, thoughtful and creative fox who, in each episode, comes up with an amazing new invention, making a lot of friends – and a few jealous enemies – in the process. This is a major commitment for co-producers Mondo TV and Henan York Animation. The first season – 104 11-minute episodes – is on the way, but 520 episodes are planned over five seasons. This is a show with a lot to offer: it’s funny, entertaining and character-rich. It’s also instructive and educational, with Kit attempting to build a new invention in every episode. Kit’s inventions and tools, along with the distinctive characters, personalities, houses and locations, also add up to a strong licensing offering in toys, games, publishing and more.

Mondo will also be highlighting the continuing success of Sissi the Young Empress at DISCOP. The animated adventures of the free-spirited empress who resists etiquette and the duties of the court to follow her heart has been a big success with its target audience of young girls in many countries. Canada, Germany and Austria are the latest territories to launch season one (26 x 26’). These agreements follow the recently announced major three-year deal with DBS children’s channel JeemTV, through which Sissi has been showing in Arabic from July 2018 in a number of countries.

Season two of Sissi the Young Empress (26 x 26’) is now airing in a number of markets. A third series in 3D (52 x 11’) completely renews the content and format and comes with an expanded licensing campaign.

After conquering its home markets in Latin America, season one of Heidi Bienvenida (60 x 45’ or 120 x 24’) is performing strongly in a number of other markets. Mondo’s first live-action show, produced by Mondo TV Iberoamerica along with Alianzas Producciones, is becoming something of a phenomenon for pre-teen and teen audiences in Italy in particular, where the adventures of the happy, carefree girl who leaves her beloved mountain home to live in the big city have attracted big audiences on Rai Gulp.

Season two (60 x 45’ or 120 x 24’) is on the way soon – plus a Heidi Bienvenida film, the first feature film in the history of Mondo TV.

Season one (32 x 11’) of Robot Trains is showing all over Europe. Season two (52 x 11’) – for which Mondo is not only agent but also co-producing with Korean content and marketing company CJ E&M – arrives in early 2019. This exciting animated series for children aged between three and five years is set in Train World, where all the citizens are trains. However, among the residents there are special trains that can transform into robots!

Mondo’s plans are to replicate across Europe the established success of the show – and of its huge licensing programme – in Italy, Spain and Portugal. At DISCOP Mondo TV will also focus on Robot Trains season two, broadcasting in Europe from early 2019. With a new format and more episodes, the show will offer new characters, new locations and an environmental and educational storyline through a focus on different energy ‘worlds’ (Water, Light, Wind and Fire) that will combine with the show’s established action and comedy to amazing effect.

But that’s not all Mondo TV plans for DISCOP. Among its line-up of kids’ content, Mondo TV will also have a big new American catalogue to reveal as part of its distribution business. The company is inviting all local broadcasters in Africa attending DISCOP to come and meet it at stand number 101 to hear more about both its distribution and production plans for the region.

Matteo Corradi, Mondo TV CEO, says: “DISCOP is an event where we plan to strongly promote our new shows and established hits, as well as our strength in distribution. But all of these offerings have one thing in common that is important for Africa, which is one of the youngest and fastest-growing markets on earth: they underline Mondo TV’s strength in entertainment production, distribution and licensing to children, tweens, teens and families.”

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