Pucca and Planeta Junior celebrate love with the True Love capsule collection and #PuccaLoveMood

Pucca likes love, which for her means: leadership, setting yourself goals and giving it everything you’ve got with plenty of passion, fun, daring and risk

Which is why Pucca’s kind of love isn’t just pink, it’s also intense red. This is the premise behind True Love, the new collection by Italian fashion brand: White, and Valentine’s Day campaign: #PuccaLoveMood.

True Love is a colourful vision of the animated character designed by Gianmario Stuppello, the man behind White. This collection features 7 garments in which T-shirts and sweatshirts steal the spotlight. “Pucca is an 11 year-old girl who knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it. Her fight for love is accompanied by a really fun message,” confirms Gianmario Stupello.

Planeta Junior is celebrating this iconic date by spreading Pucca’s fun love message across Europe with a TV, social media and online campaign. Pucca has already achieved over 500 million social networks fans and 15 million YouTube views. Highlight campaigns include Instagram effect: Who’s your crush? as well as stickers and interactive stories on both Instagram and Facebook.

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