Studio 100 and Planeta Junior announce Giochi Preziosi Master Toy Deal for MAYA THE BEE

Studio 100 and Planeta Junior are pleased to announce the appointment of premium toy licensee, Giochi Preziosi, as Master Toy partner for classic global children’s brand Maya the Bee.

With Studio 100 and Planeta Junior’s support, Giochi Preziosi will handle the manufacturing, distribution, promotion and marketing for the soon to launch lines. The extensive range of licensed products are planned to launch Fall 2018 including main categories; figurines, playsets, role play and feature plush. The licensing deal covers key territories such as Italy, France, Spain, UK, Portugal, Greece and many more. The new toy range reflects Maya’s fun and colourful values and complements the cheerful content of the brand.

The upcoming highly anticipated launch of Maya the Bee season 2 (52×13’), will be aired heavily on major international networks such as Gulli, Tiny Pop and RTP among others. The brand-new season features 52 new adventures with Maya and her very best friends Willy and Flip, including the crazy ants patrol peacekeepers with their star duo Arnie and Barney. A new guest, Theo, a young bee with a prosthetic wing, is also joining Maya’s adventures. Living outside the hive, Maya is the bridge between the well-organized world of the hive and the free-spirited bugs of the meadow. The very heart of all of Maya’s adventures is experiencing life’s emotions, discovering nature and being friends. Both season one and two will generate 130 episodes which will create huge variety of content.

Further fuelling the global success, Maya will also be returning to the big screen in 2018 for the global launch of the second theatrical adventure Maya the Bee Movie – The Honey Games, with plans already in place for a 3rd Movie in 2020. Maya attracted more than 25 million viewers worldwide with her online Maya dance video and continues to grow her digital presence by developing a web series based on Maya and her friends, which will be tailored for specific digital platforms.

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