Studio 100 Media/m4e and Planeta Junior bolster up their partnership

Studio 100 Media and Planeta Junior just signed an extensive distribution and co-production agreement, expanding the existing partnership between all three involved companies.

The ongoing relationship will see the companies collaborate on five new productions of Studio 100 Media/m4e and two productions of Planeta Junior, including certain co-production and distribution rights for all companies.

As part of this agreement Planeta Junior obtains exclusive distribution rights for m4e’s international hit-series “Mia and me” in certain territories in Southern and Eastern Europe, handling all media and merchandising rights for Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus, as well as the distribution of all merchandising rights in Eastern Europe, excluding CIS- and Baltic territories. In return, Studio 100 Media/m4e take over the distribution rights for the brand-new “Gormiti” action-comedy TV series in Benelux, German-speaking Europe, Scandinavia, Africa and Middle East. This series is a new TV installment of the toy property “Gormiti”, which was created by Giochi Preziosi and became a global phenomenon in 2005. The new series is currently in production and scheduled for delivery in 2018, with Planeta Junior as co-producer. Studio 100 Media/m4e will also be responsible for distributing another upcoming new Planeta Junior production in its territories.

These features will increase the variety of the Studio 100 Media/m4e and Planeta Junior portfolios and intensify their long-term partnership by establishing an international distribution network for all rights.

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