Studio 100 Media | m4e’s Maya the Bee, Mia and Me and Heidi are heading to North America

Munich-based brand management and media group Studio 100 Media | m4e has partnered with JLK Brand Licensing Group, Westport CT, to build a long-term licensing and merchandising program for its “Maya the Bee”, “Mia and me” and “Heidi” in USA and Canada.

The deal with JLK follows the acquisition of Little Airplane Productions in late 2017 which also marked an important step into the North American territory for Studio 100 Media | m4e, not only in terms of production but also distribution.

JLK deploys all the skills of its founders Joshua Kislevitz and Kathleen McCarthy Fording and was founded on the principle that nothing is more important than the brand andits “one of a kind” traits. Founders Kislevitz and McCarthy Fording, both working for United Media before, bring in a proven track record of success and a wealth of knowledge to both the licensor and licensee side of the business, which are important assets for Studio 100 Media | m4e and their key brands.

The potential for licensing & merchandising for those brands was proven by the results of a special content distribution campaign on the US YouTube Kids app. During a one-month span, featuring a special playlist with 25 full episodes of “Maya the Bee” in March and April 2019, the average amount of views jumped up by 273 per cent to reach 7.6 million views. While “Mia and me” has been picked up by Netflix for the US and is reportedly performing strong on this platform. And “Heidi” will for sure make some impact in the US- and Canadian territories when Playmobil will launch the “Heidi” toy line in 2020.

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