The Bing Amazon Shop is active

The most effective, simple and fast way to find all Bing products on the Amazon Store

The award-winning TV series, Bing, on air every day on Rai YoYo and DeA Junior, does not stop its rise, adding to its activities and services also a dedicated page on Amazon Shop, where little Bingsters can find all the products available on the e-commerce of their favorite animated series in no time.

The infinite variety of Bing products now is extremely easy to trace, thanks to the opening of the dedicated page on Amazon, which allows to group them all under the Bing brand.

You can visit the Amazon Shop website here:

The companies that joined and participate with their products are: Giunti, Ciao, Ravensburger, Coriex, Dino Bikes, Dulcop, Giochi Preziosi, Lisciani, Marpimar, Mondo, Multiprint, ODS e Toys Garden, and others to come.

Plushes, figurines, party kits, sheets, umbrellas, boxes, bathrobes, board games and stamps are just some of the products and games that can be found in the search, thanks to the division of products into categories. 

The animated series, Bing, was born from the adaptation of Ted Dewan’s insightful books, which celebrate the noisy, joyful, messy reality of life when you’re a pre-schooler.

Always on air on CBeebies in England and many other broadcasters in Europe, in Italy it has become a record-breaking series, with the highest audience, every day on Rai Yoyo and DeA Junior. Bing’s stories are also available on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube where the Italian channel has seen significant growth, reaching an impressive number of 600,000 subscribers in July.

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