Zippo Partners with Eon Productions to release 007 Lighter Collection

Zippo has partnered with EON Productions to unveil a specially-designed 007 collection of windproof lighters

Inspired by one of the best-loved cinematic characters of all time, Zippo’s 007 first lighter collection features the classic James Bond gun barrel, the 007 logo as well as movie poster designs from Dr No and From Russia With Love.

 Additionally, a wider Zippo collection dedicated to classic James Bond poster art is in development and slated to launch in time for Christmas 2017 in selected markets.

 “Zippo and James Bond are both iconic brands, and we are delighted to be partnering again with EON Productions on a collection featuring 007 designs,” said Richard Finlow, Zippo’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales.

 Zippo, maker of the world-famous windproof lighter, celebrates its 85th anniversary this year while the James Bond franchise prepares to release its 25th motion picture in 2019. 

 The deal was brokered by IMG, the exclusive global licensing agent for the James Bond 007 franchise.

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