Coca-Cola collaborates with Diesel to design capsule collection created from recycled materials

Two iconic brands, Coca-Cola and DIESEL, joined forces to create The (Re)Collection; a beautifully crafted and edgy capsule collection partially made of recycled materials

The collection gained the Licensing International Excellence Awards 2020 nomination in the Best Collaboration category.

Licensing Italia has interviewed Jackie Duff, Director – Global Licensing at The Coca-Cola Company.


Licensing Italia: When and how was the idea of ​​this collaboration conceived?

Jackie Duff: Many of our global licensing collaborations are in Fashion, so it was very natural for two brands like Coca-Cola and Diesel to work together to inspire consumers, particularly around sustainability and the environment. 

The capsule collection merges both Coca-Cola and DIESEL’s DNA to create something special; Coca-Cola, known for celebrating togetherness and inclusivity, and DIESEL, known for provoking its audience with irony, boldness and its ability to challenge conformity. Both brands have collaborated to celebrate two unique identities and the iconic products they produce.

L.I.: How long did the process take to be implemented?

J.D.: All our collaborations differ greatly in terms of the time they take to come to life. The Coca-Cola – Diesel collaboration had two levels: the first level involving the normal creative process was relatively quick, and the secondary level involving the technical process of including recycled plastic bottles and all the other environmental components of the project took a bit longer.

L.I.: Did you expect this important nomination?

J.D.: No, we didn’t expect this! There are such wonderfull collaborations in this industry which take place around the world! We worked with Diesel around eighteen months and this nomination certainly celebrates the work of a lot of people.   

L.I.: Do you think that younger generations are more sensitive to the environmental component?

J.D.: We conducted research before we started the partnership and asked consumers what they thought about the collaboration between Coca-Cola and Diesel: for the consumers of all ages, but particularly for younger consumers, from 16 to 24 years, a key attraction of the collaboration was the environmental component.

L.I.: Do you think that your customers have fully realized the impact of the environmental component of your project? Was it really clear to your customers that sustainability was one of the main aims of your collaboration with Diesel?

J.D.: The range incorporates recycled materials, including recycled PET from plastic bottles, to create a fresh, modern interpretation of the DIESEL casual wear aesthetic with Coca-Cola iconicity to make a statement. Creating beautiful fibres from plastic, this collaboration aimed to raise awareness of the value of recycling with all pieces partially made with recycled fabric created from plastic bottles.

To showcase the value of recycling to conscientious shoppers and style-seekers across the globe, Coca-Cola x DIESEL: The (Re) Collection was launched exclusively online by scanning any recycling logo worldwide, giving access to shop the collection. 

L.I.: Do you leverage these collaborations to spread your ideas about sustainability?

J.D.: The (Re)Collection is a collaboration between two authentic and iconic brands that are both committed to doing business responsibly. We partner with many organisations to support our global World Without Waste initiative.

L.I.: Licensing International is promoting a campaign to develop sustainable licensing programs. What is Coca Cola’s position in this regard?

J.D.: We work across many different sectors, and explore sustainability initiatives in a variety of categories.  We are continuing to search for new collaborations with other partners who can support our “World Without Waste” goals.   

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